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     In November of 2007 my grandma gave me my first camera, a Sony point and shoot. The first subjects I ever composed with this camera were little butterflies in the front garden. With this newfound outlet for creativity and personal expression, my fingers couldn't stay off the shutter button. During those beginning years nature was my primary inspiration for compositions, and it remains a major focus to this day.

    Over the course of the ten years I have been taking photos, I have come into contact with all sorts of cameras and equipment. The first camera I ever owned was a Sony which I got in 2007. The second camera, a Canon Rebel T2i, was gifted to me by the Make A Wish Foundation for my childhood Leukemia (I have been clear for over 13 years now). In addition to my first DSLR, I received a Canon 70-200 IS Mk II f2.8. In 2015 I purchased a refurbished Canon EOS 70D which I pushed to its limits on many an occasion. As of December 5, 2017, I have had the new Sony A7 rIII which has been a dream.

  My forte in the past was nature and wildlife to the point of exclusivity. As I have grown older I have started exploring more fields of photography in the pursuit of new experiences.

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